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Los Angeles Headshots By Elina Dmitrieva

Joey Bell’s Headshot

Joey Bell is an actor currently residing in LA. At 15, he started working professionally as a commercial print model and began auditioning for television and film roles. Persistance paid off in 2005, when Joey landed a role speed talking a Shakespearean monologue for a candy bar commercial through Mars Inc. Since then, he has appeared in various projects on film, TV, Internet, and industrial usage. Screenwriting and playwriting are long time passions of Joey’s, and he has produced many short scenes, one-acts, and a full length play as well as numerous short films and sketches. As for academia, Joey majored in journalism/mass media communications at UNLV with a minor in psychology and courses in screenwriting. He took film studies at CCSN.

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Joey Bell

Joey Bell

Woot! Awesome new addition to our Headshots! Woot! Awesome new addition to our Headshots!